Chemical Firm CEO Engages & Unifies Disparate Teams in 50 Countries with Live Webcasts





The CEO of a Scandinavian chemical manufacturer tasked his marketing and communications team with replacing an expensive, customized streaming system with a solution that could actually enable his webcasts to reach all of his more than 10,000 employees across the globe.
After a number of major acquisitions, the CEO recognized the power of live video to bring a consistent message and common culture to disparate workers from multiple companies. A global facilities tour revealed that many employees were unable to view the webcasts the CEO thought that everyone had seen.
The CEO demanded a new platform that would not only deliver the scalability he sought, but could provide the viewer tracking and analytics to validate that streams had been delivered effectively to every employee – whether at HQ or continents away.
After an extensive RFP process, they chose a new platform that included an enterprise content delivery network that would enable them to send video even to locations with little bandwidth – a chief culprit in the failure of the previous system. Today, the CEO is assured that his global workforce receives the best possible quality stream based on their bandwidth, along with a full audit trail so that he knows who has viewed the videos, when and how.

Global Oil Company Meets Massive Live Broadcast and Security Needs





One of the world’s largest oil production companies needed to share live video broadcasts – simultaneously – with more than 50,000 employees located across their country. The company also needed a centralized portal that employees could access online at any time to complete mandatory safety and job tools training programs. They also needed to ensure that sensitive and proprietary internal communications would be secure – whether delivered via a live webcast or in a recorded video.
Launching a global RFP process, the company found that most video streaming suppliers were unable to scale beyond a few thousand viewers. They also found that even some of the largest video streaming suppliers partnered with third parties for video distribution and were unable to provide a video distribution capability behind-the-firewall.
They chose a hybrid enterprise video platform that provided a massively scalable video management platform in the cloud with an integrated content delivery network that would enable them to keep their video content on premises. Today, thousands of employees have experienced executive webcasts and completed online training courses via a secure and central portal that enables the company to manage all of their live and on demand video assets across multiple locations nationwide.

Media & Entertainment Company Demands TV-Quality for Internal Webcasts





One of the world’s most widely recognized content brands had a unique requirement: they needed an internal webcasting platform and video portal that could meet the exacting quality requirements of their exceptionally video-savvy global staff.
The company sought an internal communications solution that could reach all of its employees in 22 countries – many of whom would be accessing the webcasts from field shoots on multiple platforms and mobile devices.
For video sources, the global company wanted to ensure that executives of multiple brands in many locations could be included in the live webcasts to forge a common sense of pride and brand among its many acquired companies.
Their chosen enterprise video platform met their needs, with a globally scalable video distribution capability that lets them maximize bandwidth on their own network as well as leverage Akamai for remote mobile users. Additionally, the platform lets them bring in live video from video conferencing units so that leaders and producers in many locations can be included in the same webcast – eliminating distance and boundaries. Content is delivered in HD quality, leveraging hardware encoding at the source to provide the television-quality streams their environment demands.

Mid-Sized Tech Company Cuts Webinar Costs, Reinvests in Digital Market for Demand Gen





The marketing team at a Washington, DC-based technology firm wanted to expand on a successful series of webinars that had generated high quality leads, boosted web traffic and bolstered its site’s SEO rankings.
While the results were encouraging, the high per-event cost charged by their webinar service provider put the brakes on expanding the program.
Hearing about cloud-based, self-service webinar platforms, the firm set out to explore alternatives that could deliver the ROI they needed to increase their webinar frequency by tenfold. Along with affordable pricing, they wanted to deliver a premium experience to viewers that would reflect positively on their brand without requiring professional video production skills.
The cloud platform they chose has not only enabled them to significantly increase their webinar program volume, but has also enabled them to reallocate budget they used to spend on their service provider towards generating new leads through digital and outbound marketing campaigns. Via integration with their marketing automation system, leads from their webinar programs are automatically entered into the company’s CRM system for sales team follow up and campaign tracking.

Media Center Uses Live Video Webcasts to Draw Visitors, Build Membership





A leading center for media uses its website to raise awareness for its mission, to recruit individual and corporate members and patrons, and to sell merchandise to supports its goals. With an impressive roster of the top names and faces in the television and radio broadcast industry, the center knew webcasting guest sessions and panels could greatly increase traffic to its site and deliver the premier quality that would appeal to new members. They contacted an enterprise video platform provider to find a live, online video streaming capability that could be both affordable but also meet the exceptionally high visual quality standards of the professional media and entertainment industry.
The company provided a cost-effective solution, including a remotely managed HD-quality video streaming appliance and network bandwidth that would enable the media center to have a continuous live, online channel on their website that could scale to meet demand for premier events. The center embeds the video on their website, where viewers can see the latest live event in a variety of video types and resolutions optimized for each viewer’s device.
As a result, the center’s web traffic has increased nearly 20%, with membership growing and existing members loyally following live events online.

Cancer Center Shapes Website Video Experience to Connect with Newly Diagnosed Patients




An innovative American cancer research and treatment center wanted to expand awareness of its ground-breaking capabilities to the widest possible audience of cancer patients. Already a prolific producer of videos – for internal and external applications – the center wanted better quality and control over the information and experience they offered to online viewers.
Realizing the trauma and uncertainty that comes with a cancer diagnosis, the team wanted to provide patients searching the web with an online experience that would convey the center’s unique competencies and dedication to patient care. Past methods had included publishing videos to YouTube, where the center had no control over advertisements, quality or context.
They chose a video management platform that allows them to deliver premium quality video to viewers accessing their website from any device, including mobile. The platform allows them to host their extensive library of video interviews to showcase the experience, care and commitment of their world-leading medical team. The solution also integrates with a commercial content delivery network to ensure a top quality experience for viewers from around the world.

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